New clients often ask us, “What are the benefits of using DWOB and DROCK software?” All companies have gigabytes or terabytes of unused drilling data just sitting on a server. Our software can use this data to help clients better understand their horizontal reservoirs from a geological and geomechanical perspective. This results in better drilling locations, higher recovery factors, and more efficient and cost-effective drilling and completion operations.

  • Provides real-time or near real-time accurate downhole weight on bit.
  • Calculates drilling parameters such as wellbore friction coefficient, sheave efficiency, hook load, and rock abrasiveness.
  • Provides geomechanical logs for your horizontal well including rock strength (confined and unconfined), Young's Modulus, Poisson's Ratio, Porosity and Permeability. This can be provided for a cost that is 90% less than current laboratory and logging tool methods.
  • Integrates simulation modeling tools with real time drilling thus optimizing drilling efficiency for bit use, bit type, ROP and other factors.
  • Provides accurate input parameters for fracture programs such as Gohfer, Petrel, MFrac, etc.
  • With more accurate fracture modeling, clients can engineer and selectively space their fractures versus the un-engineered technique of geometric spacing of fractures. Clients have reported pumping 30% less sand to achieve the same production as offset wells.
  • Maps fractures and determines natural fracture points thus saving proppant, fluids, fracture costs and increases in production.
  • Fast access to data through real-time or near-real-time data without intrusive logging tools or interruptions to work flow.
  • Adds to existing data used for decision making purposes to increase productivity, reduce expenses and reduce costly non-productive time (NPT).
  • Can reduce drilling inefficiencies, downhole bit accidents and increase overall productivity.
  • All Rocsol software is developed in conjunction with industry partners, such as Shell Global, and has been tested and verified using actual field data, logging tools and downhole measurement tools.