What We Do

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Rocsol Technologies Inc. is a data analytics company whose software provides real-time downhole weight on bit (DWOB) and formation evaluation logs (DROCK) for horizontal wells and critical information for optimizing drilling and completions activities through the non-intrusive analysis of existing data captured during the drilling process.

No downhole tools are used to log the well as all required information is gathered during the drilling process. Using proprietary algorithms developed through scientific research spanning eight years, and backed by multiple patents, the software suite can provide deep insight into rock properties, fracture mapping and drilling optimization.

Contrasted with a decade ago, when only one in 10 rigs was drilling horizontal wells, over 80 percent of active rigs today are drilling horizontally, making the drilling transformation in North America stunningly rapid. Even though the prevalence of horizontal drilling continues to grow at a monumental pace, most of the products available to optimize horizontal drilling have been adapted from vertical drilling. Rocsol’s software suite has been built from the ground-up for horizontal drilling operations and provides a way to calculate actual downhole weight on bit and evaluate rock strength profiles and other geological and geomechanical properties without any downhole tools. This assists clients in optimizing drilling and fracture planning, which provides a higher degree of efficiency and cost savings for horizontal drilling and completion operations.